What Are the Benefits of Using Starfall Math in Kindergarten?


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Using Starfall math, the education resource that provides low-cost or free educational resources, is beneficial in kindergarten because studies show that exposing kindergarten students to advanced math skills early provides students with better skills and higher test scores, according to Medical News Today. The study shows that kindergarten students who engage in math skills just 4 days a month have substantially higher academic achievement in kindergarten and beyond.

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Starfall is an educational resource established in 2002 by founder Stephen Schutz. Inspired by his early struggle with reading, Schutz created the Starfall program so children, parents and teachers have resources to promote success in school.

Starfall's reputation and successful website, resources and application have earned it several awards as reported by the website, such as Time Magazine's "50 Websites that Make the Web Great," Disney's Family Fun magazine's "Top Ten Fun Websites" and most recently made the Parent's Magazine's best app for families list. The Wall Street Journal reports Starfall is age appropriate, provides security and respects the child's Internet privacy.

The Starfall Education's kindergarten program was released in 2009 and can be accessed through the original Starfall website. Other benefits, reviews and awards of Starfall Education can be viewed in full online from the website's about page.

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