What Are the Benefits of Using a One Touch Logbook?


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Using a OneTouch logbook helps people with diabetes to monitor and track trends in blood glucose levels, and it makes it easy to share activity with health care professionals. Keeping track of when blood glucose levels are in or out of range and recording comments about them help a diabetic build awareness of how he feels at certain times of the day or after eating certain foods.

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Keeping a log of blood glucose levels is important to make observations and help identify trends to share with health care professionals who can help create a personalized action plan and set manageable goals. The comments section of the log is for recording different foods consumed or stressful situations that might have an effect on blood glucose levels. By tracking these over time, diabetics can observe and be aware of how different foods affect their bodies and of how well their diabetes management plans are working.

The OneTouch logbook includes spaces for blood glucose levels before and after meals and at waking and bedtime, as well as for recording insulin taken. Weekly logs are available on PDF on OneTouch.com to print out as needed, and pocket-sized log books are also available for purchase in packs of three.

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