What Are the Benefits of Using Math Thinking Blocks?


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Some benefits of using the math program "Thinking Blocks" are the use of simple bar graphs to help students visualize problems, the availability of interactive tutorials and the connection to the Singapore Math program, notes EducationWorld.com. Thinking Blocks was developed to gives students a different type of visual model to use when solving a multi-step "working backwards" math problem. As of 2015, it is available for free as a mobile application through iTunes and online at MathPlayground.com.

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Thinking Blocks consists of videos, guided practice problems, interactive tutorials and step-by-step coaching. The program teaches students to solve word problems by visualizing the answer using movable online blocks. The program provides blocks to model answers for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, algebra and fractions. While it is part of Singapore Math, Thinking Blocks is suitable for any math program and teachers do not need to fully teach Singapore Math; however, many do advise against this, notes EducationWorld.com.

The goal of Thinking Blocks is to helps students learn how to clearly express an answer. Over time, students will learn how to show the steps they used to solve problems as number sentences rather than blocks and be able to give a clear explanation of each step.

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