What Are Some Benefits to Using Frindle Comprehension Worksheets?


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Reading comprehension worksheets for the award-winning children's novel "Frindle" test whether students are keeping up with the reading and how well they are understanding it, as well as encouraging them to consider and discuss aspects of the book's plot and themes. Multiple different worksheets are available online, with the majority intended for students in third to fifth grade.

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"Frindle" by Andrew Clements concerns a boy who creates a new word, "frindle," to describe a pen. Basic comprehension worksheets test factual knowledge of the book and its illustrations, allowing teachers to gauge if their students have read the assigned material and whether they understand it. Quizzes include multiple choice, true or false, and fill-in-the-blank questions. Filling out these worksheets makes students think about what they've read, improving their memory and their reading comprehension.

More advanced comprehension exercises examine the students' understanding of the book's story and themes, giving them the intellectual tools to more deeply consider fiction and how it relates to their own lives. Such worksheets include short answer and essay questions that require students to formulate original answers, practice writing and organize their compositions. Providing comprehension worksheets for teachers to structure lesson plans around creates a coherent curriculum, and the variety of worksheets available allows teachers to tailor plans to particular classrooms and students.

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