What Are the Benefits of Using Communication Worksheets?


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Some potential benefits of using communication worksheets are improving reflection skills, learning about the importance of "I" statements and reviewing the types of communication. Therapist sometimes assign communication worksheets to their clients as homework because it helps them think about they can improve their communication skills and how to prevent and resolve conflicts.

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Reflection is an essential communication skill because it helps people become better listeners. During an important conversation or argument, reflection involves listening carefully to what the other person is saying and then summarizing their main points in a neutral tone. This gives the other person the opportunity to explain themselves better or clear up misunderstandings, which helps the conversation go more smoothly.

Worksheets about the concept of "I" statements help people learn to not automatically blame others during conflicts. The best way to use "I" statements is when people are trying to say something that is only their subjective viewpoint based on their feelings or experiences, rather than a statement of fact. Communication worksheets involving "I" statements can include practice examples on how to change an accusatory "you" statement into an "I" statement.

Communication worksheets can also be used to help explain the types of communication, which are passive, aggressive and assertive. They can ask people to read a conversation and determine which type was used or reword passive or aggressive statements into assertive ones.

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