What Are the Benefits of Taking a MOOC?

The benefits of taking a massive open online course provide the opportunity for students to collaborate with individuals around the world and gain business opportunities, especially when science and technology companies such as Udacity and Coursera lead the classes, explains About.com. Nearly all MOOCs are free for students, and they usually have short lectures.

Students also benefit from online digital archives that derive from MOOCs because instructors record video lectures that students can download and preserve, according to About.com. The instruction within a MOOC may also be more concise and advanced because professors must put their teaching methods on display in short lectures that commonly address only one topic. Students also benefit from the assessment process, which prompts online testing following lectures to ensure that students are retaining the course information.

Hosting a MOOC is also beneficial for students who do not wish to sit in overcrowded classrooms, explains About.com. Many colleges are increasing the number of MOOCs they offer to address overcrowding in the college system, especially within popular classes.

Free MOOCs benefit individuals from less-advantaged backgrounds who are unable to afford higher education courses but still wish to advance their knowledge and potentially career opportunities, explains Inside Higher Ed.