What Are Some Benefits of SYSTRAN?


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The benefits of SYSTRAN machine translation software are its speed, scalability, robustness and quality of translation, states the company. It uses standard application program interfaces to interpret significantly large or numerous text documents for search engines, governments and corporations around the world.

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The SYSTRAN company, founded in 1968 by Dr. Peter Toma, has provided machine translation capabilities for its entire history. It was among the first corporations to utilize improving computer technology in the 1970s to automate and advance the rate of translation for clients such as the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Defense. More recently, software designed by the firm operates Yahoo's BabelFish translator.

The establishment of SYSTRAN came after U.S. government funding withdrawal following the publication of the ALPAC report. This synopsis of machine translation research noted significant skepticism about the progress made in computational linguistics by organizations receiving money from federal programs.

SYSTRAN flourished under the decreased competition, creating an adequate system for translating considerable amounts of Russian technical and scientific documents in the context of the Cold War. It was later sold to the French Gachot family in 1986 and again to the Korean-based CSLi in 2014. Its headquarters, as of 2015, is in Seoul, South Korea, with offices in Daejeon, South Korea; San Diego, California; and Paris, France.

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