What Are the Benefits of Self-Publishing With Kobo Versus Kindle Direct Publishing?


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The main benefit of self-publishing with Kobo versus Kindle Direct Publishing is that Kobo has slightly more generous royalty rates based on prices of e-books as of 2015. Additionally, the Kobo reading application is device neutral and automatically syncs to numerous devices, whereas Kindle has separate apps for various devices.

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As of May 2015, the Kobo Writing Life program offers author royalties of 70 percent for books priced in the range of $1.99 to $12.99, whereas Kindle Direct Publishing offers a 70 percent royalty in a narrower price range of $2.99 to $9.99. For books priced outside the 70 percent royalty price range, Kobo offers author royalties of 45 percent, while Kindle offers royalties of only 35 percent.

The Kobo Writing Life and Kindle Direct Publishing programs are similar in that they are both relatively simple for authors to upload and publish the covers and texts of their books. Authors are able to upload JPEG images for their covers on both platforms, and both platforms allow Microsoft Word doc, docx, Mobi and ePub files for the book's interior text files. Both platforms allow writers to select the prices of books, where their books are sold and whether to implement digital rights management.

Although both Kobo Writing Life and Kindle Direct Publishing offer international distribution, Amazon.com's distribution channels are more extensive. Additionally, Amazon.com offers publicity and marketing help through its merchandising algorithms with programs such as Customers With Similar Searches Purchased and More Items to Consider.

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