What Are the Benefits of a School Having an Outdoor Playground?

Some benefits of a school having an outdoor playground are that kids can get more physical activity to live a healthier lifestyle, can develop their motor skills through playing on equipment, can improve their social skills through play with other students and can develop emotionally through solo and group play. In addition, children also reap from the benefits of recess, which include higher academic achievement, an improved attitude and the development of conflict management skills, notes Stanford University.

Playing on a school's playground equipment helps children stretch their muscle groups, develop upper and lower body strength, burn calories through cardiovascular exercise and improve their balance, according to Play & Park. Some healthy activities to do on the playground include swinging, sliding, climbing on overhead equipment and up steps, spinning and balancing while staying still or moving.

Playground equipment that is fixed rather than unfixed can have more advantages to children, states the National Playgrounds Company, and it suggests the use of natural materials and resources on the playground. It also states that natural playgrounds help children exercise their creativity better, which can lead to cognitive development. The National Playgrounds Company also says that children can develop socially and emotionally on a playground because they learn to cooperate to play group games and have the ability to choose between playing alone or with others; the latter can help a child develop autonomy.