What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Double Major in Accounting and Finance?

benefits-pursuing-double-major-accounting-finance Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Students pursuing a double major in accounting and finance have access to a wide variety of career paths. Double majoring also increases students' chances of landing a job immediately after graduation. This degree combination is extremely useful for those interested in careers in business, finance, accounting and economics.

According to the College of Business Administration at California State University in Long Beach, double majoring in finance and accounting gives students useful skills that are attractive to prospective employers. Graduates with accounting degrees often find work as corporate accountants, public accountants, tax service professionals and payroll officers. Those with degrees in both accounting and finance have additional options and may become credit analysts, corporate finance officers, financial advisers, stockbrokers, investment managers, loan officers and bank executives.

A double major in accounting and finance also offers benefits for people whose long-term career goals involve politics. A candidate with a thorough understanding of budgeting, tax law, corporate accounting and behavioral economics appeals to a diverse voter base and makes the candidate appear competent and qualified to handle fiscal affairs at all levels of government.

Students who hope to found their own companies or land jobs as executives at major corporations frequently pursue undergraduate degrees in accounting and finance, then enter the workforce for several years. After gaining work experience, these individuals pursue MBA degrees.