What Are Some Benefits of Practicing Unscrambling Sentences for Young Students?


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Some benefits of practicing unscrambling sentences for young students include improving their ability to recognize syntax, or sentence structure. It can also help them to learn about the differences between using active and passive voice within a sentence. Sentence unscrambling ensures they do not simply memorize common phrases.

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Since there are many different ways to correctly organize a sentence while maintaining proper grammar, it is important that students learn how to recognize the correct placement of nouns and adjectives. Sentence unscrambling activities allow young students to practice word order and syntax, something that is harder to correct in older students. This activity is particularly helpful for English as a second language students, as different languages have different syntax rules. For example, Spanish sentences include the noun before the adjective, while the opposite holds true in the English language.

One sentence can be arranged in different ways to reflect alternate meanings or to illustrate active or passive voice. Sentence unscrambling activities help students to explore these language rules and how certain parts of a sentence operate. Scrambling the words within the sentence and having students correct it also forces them to think about each part of the sentence individually, instead of as a whole, to ensure that they do not only memorize a phrase without fully understanding it.

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