What Are Some Benefits of Playing School at Home?

What Are Some Benefits of Playing School at Home?

Some benefits to homeschooling include educational freedom, increased self-esteem, closer family relationships, religious freedom, stability during hard times, more rest and less busywork, notes Family Education. As of 2015, approximately one million students are homeschooled in the United States and the numbers are growing 7 to 15 percent each year.

While states have educational requirements for all students, those who are homeschooled have more educational freedom to explore the subjects that interest them. Coursework can be designed for individual children based on their own abilities, rather than age. Since the work is designed to match their own pace, homeschooled children have less busywork to fill time. The day can start and end at any time, allowing children to be more well-rested. Religious families have more freedom to incorporate religious education into their children's schoolwork if they choose.

Homeschooled children may also benefit from more emotional freedom to be who they are without worrying that they will be bullied. They will also have less peer pressure and competition form other students. This can help students increase their self-esteem.

Homeschooling may help created stronger relationships between family members. This can be helpful during difficult times when stability is needed.

Other benefits to homeschooling include one-on-one attention and more opportunities for hands-on learning through field trips and volunteer experiences, states Kids Health.