What Are Some of the Benefits of Philadelphia Charter Schools?


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The benefits of Philadelphia charter schools include helping the poorest students to achieve with a higher degree of success. These schools also achieve with relatively equal degrees of success to their public school peers.

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Philadelphia charter schools tend to benefit the poorest students, who are typically located in the more urbanized parts of the city. Various forms of measurement, including scores on standardized tests, indicate that the education offered at these charter schools allows student testing scores to rise. These benefits are most highly focused on the urban poor. Students attending a charter school receive the equivalent of multiple weeks of additional learning, in comparison to their public school peers. This benefits those that have fallen behind in the traditional school system.

These schools tend to perform at least as well as public schools in both testing and general grades, and the presence of a charter school doesn't affect achievement at local public schools. A significant benefit is that charter school students are more likely to graduate and go on to college than those with equivalent situations in the public school system. This suggests that students from lower-income homes or homes that rarely send students to college have a higher chance of college attendance if they attend a charter school.

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