What Are Some Benefits of K-12 Elementary School Over Homeschooling?


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Attending a K-12 elementary school is preferable to homeschooling because it provides students with a social environment, is less expensive and gives time to parents to fend for their children. Students in K-12 elementary school receive quality instruction, and they learn important skills such as leadership, respect and relating to others.

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The K-12 elementary school provides children with an environment that encourages tolerant and accepting attitudes. Social interaction helps children to acquire skills that are needed in the real world. The K-12 elementary school exposes students to a plethora of ideas and concepts and provides them with a critical thinking atmosphere. Moreover, K-12 elementary school education is cheaper than homeschooling and gives parents the freedom to engage in occupational activities. Traditional homeschooling sometimes inconveniences parents, as they may be forced to forego full-time employment; additionally, homeschoolers often lack the opportunity to engage in competitive sports.

Homeschooling offers students an interactive learning atmosphere and protects them from peer pressure, argues Anne Galivan, a reporter with New York Times. K-12 elementary schools have competent teachers and adequate resources, and students receive broad support services such as counselling, special education and speech therapy. In contrast, homeschooled children often lack the resources to adequately prepare them for future careers. K-12 elementary schools provide children with a competitive environment through games, spelling bees and school play tryouts.

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