What Are Some of the Benefits of Joining ThinkCentral?

As an online learning and teaching tool, ThinkCentral provides students and teachers with coursework and resources that they can access from anywhere at any time. ThinkCentral hosts Houghton Mifflin's teaching and learning materials for elementary schools, and each school selects which materials they offer, making the resources and tools customized to each school. Teachers gain access to planning, assessment and instruction tools, and students receive access to e-books and assignments.

The biggest advantage of ThinkCentral is how portable it is. Both students and teachers have 24/7 access to the academic resources available through the online tool, which allows for continued learning and preparation from any location. Additionally, materials remain up-to-date because the virtual platform allows updates to all resources in moments.

Parents also benefit from the platform because they receive progress reports on their children's skills in real time. They also have easy access to the instructors through communication tools built into ThinkCentral.

ThinkCentral provides a platform that keeps everything organized and easy to find. The site has clearly labeled, logical tabs and file locations for each resource, so both students and teachers can worry less about organization and more about learning material and planning coursework. One other advantage is that, because it is virtual, ThinkCentral eliminates a lot of traditional paperwork, making it an environmentally friendly option.