What Are the Benefits of Dreambox Learning?

The most unique and beneficial aspect of Dreambox Learning, an online math program for students kindergarten through eighth grade, is its ability to adapt to each student's learning style and comprehension level in real-time. The program assesses a student's understanding and performance on 48,000 different data points per hour. Dreambox Learning adjusts content and problems based on these data points to appropriately challenge and engage the student, thus simultaneously merging assessment and instruction.

Dreambox Learning is also unique, according to Homeschoolmath.net, as it teaches mathematical concepts, the relationship between these concepts and simple algebra while the student is learning addition, subtraction or multiplication. Practice problems are presented within a conceptual framework, avoiding repetitive drills. Interactive exercises and the use of virtual manipulatives, such as snap blocks, buckets and gumballs, engage a student and lead to exercises involving only numbers. Rewards such as coins, badges and access to different games earned as a student progresses provide additional motivation.

Dreambox Learning and other evaluators believe the program is most effective when integrated with in-classroom instruction. Dreambox Learning aligns itself with the Common Core Standards and provides teachers, administrators, parents, students and homeschoolers with individual and group data relevant to these and other applicable standards.