What Are the Benefits of Being an EduTyping Student?

Some benefits of being an EduTyping student include customizable course length, automatic grading, flexible lessons, automatic review of studentメs performance and affordability. The full list of benefits of being an EduTyping student is available on EduTyping.com.

The online keyboarding software for schools provides a detailed guide for students who want to join EduTyping. It also provides an overview of the course lessons and curriculum. To view the EduTyping curriculum, the student clicks on the Curriculum link at the top menu of the home page.

After joining EduTyping, students track their progress, access the practice library, practice typing relevant news articles and play educative typing games. The website also provides additional tips for students who want to learn how to type fast, such as the right typing posture, typing techniques and good typing ergonomics. On EduTyping, students access their assignments online to protect the environment and save on printing costs.

EduTyping offers a 90-day free trial for students, as of May 2015. Students can register for free to test how EduTyping works prior to joining officially. EduTyping features two editions, namely the EduTyping Standard Edition and the EduTyping Jr. The EduTyping Standard edition suits middle school and secondary level students. EduTyping Jr. is for elementary level students. Students purchase both editions on the EduTyping website.