What Are Some Benefits of Attending the Prime Inc. Trucking School?


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Some benefits of attending the Prime Inc. trucking school include paid one-on-one apprenticeship-type training with an experienced, certified driver and immediate access to a regular job with the company when training is complete. Prime Inc. provides training in driving and operating a variety of tractor-trailers, including flatbeds, refrigerator trucks, tankers and those transporting intermodal containers.

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The training program at Prime, Inc. requires no previous driving experience. If needed, the course starts at the very beginning with training to pass the CDL permit test. The apprenticeship, on-the-road training format allows students to get the experience they need to pass the driving CDL test quickly. A classroom training component provides valuable information to new drivers and continues until a driver passes the 80,000 mile mark.

As of 2015, the Prime, Inc. CDL training program is free for those students who agree to stay on with the company for a full year. Prime, Inc. covers lodging and meal costs during the program, including transportation fees to a training center. Prime, Inc. also offers a grace period that allows students to withdraw from the program at any time during their first seven days on the road if they find that the lifestyle is not a good fit. As of 2015, there is no penalty for withdrawal, and Prime, Inc. covers transportation costs for the student to return home.

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