What Benefits Does the Aspen X2 Family Portal Offer Schools?

Some benefits that the Aspen X2 Family Portal offers schools include engaging students and their families and providing opportunities for communication, according to Walpole Public Schools. The family and student portal also provides timely information to guardians and parents concerning student performance.

The Aspen X2 Family and Student Portal provides secure student information management, notes Chelmsford Public Schools. Follett Software Company’s subsidiary, the X2 Development Corporation, publishes the Aspen X2 Family and Student Portal. For example, the Chelmsford Public Schools X2 student information portal contains student information on scheduling, grading, attendance, special education and other data.

At Chelmsford Public Schools, the Aspen X2 Student Portal helps parents of students in grade K through 12 log into X2 to view their children’s school information. This portal includes information on report cards, progress reports, attendance, address and contact information. The X2 portal also helps students in grades five through 12 log into their X2 accounts to view their system information that includes report cards, progress reports, and contact information, as Chelmsford Public Schools indicates. For students in grades five through 11, the portal helps them select their courses for the next school year. The Aspen X2 portal requires parents and students to have separate accounts.

The X2 Aspen family portal helps Walpole Public Schools achieve its strategic plan priorities. These include building enhanced relationships within the community and maximizing individual student achievement, according to Walpole Public Schools.