What Is Being Done to Stop School Bullying?


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Many strategies are in place to stop school bullying as of 2015, including involving babies in the curriculum, using comic books and film, promoting digital discussion using mobile apps and implementing peer intervention. Other efforts, such as coordinating efforts between different resources, including psychological services and popular culture, as well as the offering of arts and character education, also serve to decrease school bullying.

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In preschools, elementary schools and middle schools across North America, the Isle of Man, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, programs such as "Roots of Empathy" introduce students to infant babies in an effort to increase understanding and thereby decrease bullying. In the program, a parent brings her 2- to 4-month-old baby into a classroom, sits on a green blanket and allows the students to observe the infant. Led by a trained instructor, discussion ensues about what the infant might be feeling, thereby providing students with lenses to describe their own emotions and gain empathy toward others.

Students targeted by bullies can participate in digital discussions with a download of the free A Thin Line app on their iPhones or through websites. Sponsored by MTV, the program gives kids and teens a place to share their stories of harassment and unwanted advances. It also features access to an abundance of resources for adults to eradicate bullying at the authoritative level.

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