How Do You Become a Second Grade Teacher?


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Become a second grade teacher by enrolling in an elementary education program, completing an internship, and successfully completing the required Praxis exams. When all of these steps are complete, you can become a licensed teacher able to teach second grade.

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How Do You Become a Second Grade Teacher?
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You must first find and enroll in a Bachelor of Science program in the field of elementary education. This four-year degree program provides both the academic and practical skills necessary to teach second grade. Courses you may study in this program include information about special education, classroom technology, classroom diversity and educational theory. Over the course of your education, you learn how to teach reading, math, social studies and science.

During this time, you must complete an internship at an elementary school. Typically, universities partner with local school systems to make finding such internships easier. During this time, you are placed under an existing elementary teacher's supervision, observing classes being taught and eventually teaching classes on your own.

After completing coursework, the internship and graduating, you must take the Praxis exams, which assess your knowledge of both the material you must teach and educational theory. When you have received a passing grade, you must then complete any additional state requirements for a teaching license. These typically involve submitting college transcripts, passing a background check and paying a licensing fee.

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