How Do You Become a Fulbright Scholar?

How Do You Become a Fulbright Scholar?

Become a Fulbright scholar by maintaining academic and professional excellence, submitting an application and all appropriate paperwork by the deadline, and acquiring and submitting supplementary materials as needed. Non-academic factors that impact award decisions include sensitivity and adaptability to other cultures, previous experience abroad and veteran status.

  1. Maintain academic and professional excellence

    Fulbright scholarships are merit-based. Maintaining a high GPA and completing advanced coursework is important. Other criteria that impact selection include the applicant's professional credentials, awards, grants, fellowships, publications and performances. A record of service and any significant research undertaken should also be included.

  2. Submit an application

    Apply for the Fulbright Scholar Program on the Institute of International Education website before the deadline, which is August 1 as of 2014. Include all required material, such as a three-to-five-page project statement, a curriculum vitae or resume tailored to the specific award you are applying for, a course syllabus (if applying for a teaching grant) and three reference letters.

  3. Submit supplementary materials

    Submit supplementary application materials as required by the specific grant you are applying for. These may include letters of invitation from hosts abroad, proof of language proficiency and samples of work, such as pictures, graphics, video clips, music clips and writing excerpts from a myriad of sources.