How Do You Get Into Baylor Dental School?

How Do You Get Into Baylor Dental School?

Getting into the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene's Bachelor's degree program at the Baylor College of Dentistry requires submitting an application in advance of the semester you want to start attending and visiting the campus for an interview. The state of Texas "Core Complete" requirements, or out-of-state equivalency courses, must also be completed prior to applying.

  1. Finish up the "Core Complete" requirements

    Complete the prerequisite core coursework, which includes eight semester credit hours of anatomy & physiology, four hours of microbiology, three hours of nutrition, eight hours of chemistry, six hours of freshman composition, three hours of psychology, three hours of sociology and three hours of public speaking with a "C" grade or higher in all classes. You also need two years of study in the same foreign language in high school or one year at the college level. Out-of-state applicants must also pass the Texas Success Initiative Test or meet exemption requirements.

  2. Submit an application

    Submit an application to Baylor one year prior to the desired admission date. Applicants are evaluated by attention to detail in the application, previous academic achievement and overall science-related GPA, which indicates a likelihood of success in the program. Applicants are also required to submit a biographical sketch for evaluation by the admissions faculty.

  3. Visit the campus for an interview

    Qualified applicants are invited to the campus for an interview. This is also an opportunity to tour the facility and ask any questions you have about the program of study.