What Are the Basics of a Career in Nursing?

The basics of a career in nursing includes duties such as performing health histories and physical exams on patients while providing education, counseling and health promotion, explains the American Nurses Association. Registered nurses also care for wounds, administer medications and decide on personalized interventions while making decisions about emergency medical care based on needs of patients.

Registered nurses also coordinate care for patients while collaborating with physicians and surgeons and supervise nurse aids and LPNs, according to the American Nurses Association. A career in nursing may also provide nurses with the opportunity to conduct research relevant to improving patient care.

Nurses practice in medical facilities such as physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, community health centers and schools, explains the American Nurses Association. A career in nursing also provides opportunities to work in homeless shelters, camps, prisons and tourist destinations and as a private nurse for athletic teams.

Requirements to obtain licensing and certification as a registered nurse vary by state, but most positions require a bachelor's degree in nursing, explains the American Nurses Association. Educational programs prepare nurses with classes spanning from biology, organic chemistry and anatomy and physiology to nutrition, psychology and human growth and development. Aspiring nurses are also required to learn the basics of nursing theory and participate in hands-on training at medical facilities.