How Do You Find Basic Welding Training?

basic-welding-training Credit: Official U.S. Navy Page/CC-BY 2.0

The American Welding Society offers introductory welding courses online, and maintains a searchable database of welding schools nationwide. You can find these resources under the "education" section of the society's official website, As of August 2015, they can also be contacted at 1-800-443-935.

The American Welding Society makes its online courses available to both members and non-members, although non-members must pay a higher rate of $470. This fee allows customers 30 days of access to 14 hours of course materials, as well as 10 days to take the exam upon course completion, according to the American Welding Society. For details regarding the cost and duration of courses found using the American Welding Society's database of schools, inquire with the institution providing the course.