What Are Some Basic Italian Words for Tourists?

What Are Some Basic Italian Words for Tourists?

Examples of basic Italian words for tourists include "buongiorno," "buona sera" and "arrivaderci." These words mean good morning, good evening and good-bye, respectively. In Italy, it is obligatory to say "arrivaderci" when one leaves a restaurant or store.

Tourists can find disclosure phrases, words of courtesy, personal preferences and questions about the price of items useful. "Non parlo italiano" means "I don't speak Italian." To ask if someone speaks English, say "Parla inglese?"

The Italian words for please, thank you and you're welcome are "perfavore," "grazie" and "prego." People all over in Italy ask "Va bene?" This is a friendly question, asking if everything is well and okay. A simple reply for this is "Si, bene," which means yes, all is well. To describe a personal preference one can say "mi piace" or "non mi piace," which translate to I like and I don't like.

Tourists are inevitably going to ask for prices for a number of things. "Quanto costa?" is the way to ask how much something costs.

Italian is a romance language derived from Latin. About 62 million people in the world speak Italian. Surprisingly, it is one of the official languages of Switzerland. Italian nouns are either masculine or feminine. For the most part, nouns that end in "o" are masculine and nouns that end in "a" are feminine.