What Are Some Basic German Words?


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Some basic German words are ja (yes), nein (no), bitte (please), ich (I), wir (we), gut (good), danke (thank you), alles (all) and sie (they). New speakers of the German language must learn the correct sounds of letters that are not found in the English language. They must also understand how umlauts (the dots found above German vowels) affect the word's pronunciation.

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Common German phrases are ich verstehe nicht (I do not understand), entschuldigen sie (excuse me), guten morgen (good morning) and wie geht's (how are you).

Some of the months in German are Januar (January), April (April), Juni (June), October (October) and Dezember (December).

Null (zero), eins (one), zwei (two), drei (three) and vier (four) are numbers in German.

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