What Are Some Basic English Words Translated Into Telugu?

Some basic Telugu words are: vandanalu, which means hello; dandalu, which means thank you; ra, which means come; and vellu, which means go. Examples of useful standard phrases are, "What is your name?" which translates to "me peru emanti" in Telugu, and, "See you again," which is "malli kaluddam." More words can be found in the online phrasebook at Wikitravel.

Telugu is a Dravidian language of Southern India, principally Andhra Pradesh, and it has around 75 million speakers. It is the third most spoken language of India and the 15th most spoken in the world. It uses its own writing system, in which the writing units are syllables rather than individual sounds. As of 2015, Modern Telugu speakers often mix in frequent Hindi and English words.

Telugu is considered challenging to learn for English speakers. A number of sounds are non-existent in English. It distinguishes between short and long vowel sounds, and the latter are indicated by a double vowel when the language is Romanized.

The grammar of Telugu is also significantly new to English speakers. Telugu is an agglutinative language, which means that a series of endings are added to a word stem to modify its meaning. This can sometimes result in very long and complex words.

There is a single word for "yes" (aanu) but not for "no." The way to express "no" depends on what verb the speaker is negating.