How Do You Find Free Basic Computer Training?


The easiest way to access free basic computer training is to use one of the available beginners online courses, such as Basic Skills from or Computer Basics from Digital Unite. In some states, colleges and adult education institutes may also offer free courses in basic skills for local residents.

There are many courses available for beginners online, and a lot of them are free at basic levels. Some do then encourage the use of paid content to develop further skills, but any reputable site will not insist on this before giving users access to the initial stages.

Courses are affiliated to colleges, as in the case of CTDLC; charities, such as GCF Global; or for-profit businesses, such as The varying remits of these types of organization can affect the way content is presented, so users should always be aware of who is offering the content before completing the program. Charities often also run offline programs for local unemployed or underprivileged residents who need more personal help with these skills that may be linked to their online offerings.

A lot of these courses are licensed under the Creative Commons License which allows free distribution of materials as long as their sources are acknowledged. This makes them ideal for sharing and the lack of a limited time period allows time for developing skills at the user's own pace.