What Are Some Free Basic Algebra Worksheets?

What Are Some Free Basic Algebra Worksheets?

Using the distributive property, using the order of operations, combining like terms and solving linear equations are some free basic algebra worksheets that individuals can print online. These and other algebra worksheets are available from educational websites such as Math-Drills.com, TheTeachersCorner.net, Math-Aids.com and KidsMathGamesOnline.com.

Math-Drills.com offers multiple worksheets that require students to use the distributive property. The pages feature 20 simple expressions and answer keys as downloadable PDFs. Some solutions may include exponents, depending on the difficulty level.

The Teacher's Corner provides a versatile worksheet generator for order of operations practice. Users may include parentheses and/or exponents, and they may select which basic operations to use in the problems. It is also possible to avoid answers that contain negatives or decimals.

Math-Aids.com lets users create customizable worksheets to practice combining like terms. Problems may contain two to four terms with addition and subtraction. Users may also choose to include terms that require multiplication, and they may select the appropriate range of numbers. This free basic algebra worksheet is available in several languages, and it includes an answer key.

Kids Math Games Online publishes a free worksheet with 15 basic algebra equations to solve. The problems do not involve exponents, decimals or multiplication, and they do not require students to use the distributive property or order of operations.