How Do You Go Back to School After 40?


According to Franklin University,completing an admission application is the first step to returning to education. It is also important to find out about things such as required test scores and entry level requirements. Financial aid and grants are often available to allow older people to re-enter the education system.

U.S. News mentions that expenses such as books and tuition must be taken into account when going back to school. Figuring out if there is enough time to go back to school must also be considered. USA Today notes the role of unemployment benefits, in addition to education-based financial aid, in allowing older students to enter colleges and vocational schools.

According to USA Today, there are also basic courses that allow older students to catch up on foundation math and reading skills. There are some community colleges that provide training programs for older students that let them work with local companies for education and on-the-job training.

U.S. News notes that many community colleges provide computer training to older adults, and these institutions can make the learning transition easier. Visiting a campus before enrolling allows a person to get a better sense of the atmosphere, and talking to other students, or family and friends who have gone to college, also gives a wider perspective. Franklin University notes that delegating more responsibilities among family members can help older people go back to school faster.