What Are Some Baby Names That Start With "A"?

baby-names-start Credit: iStock

In 2017 some of the most popular baby names beginning with the letter A for girls were Ava, Amelia, Arya, and Abigail. Favored baby names beginning with A for boys were Aiden, Alexander, and Adam. Popular unisex names for babies include Ashley, Austin, Avery, and Ali. Names associated with power, such as Augustus and Atlas, are becoming more popular as of 2017, as are literary names such as Alice and Angelou.

Ava, the most popular baby name beginning with A for girls in 2017, is originally derived from the name Eve. Some believe that the name Ava is also a descendent of the Latin word “avis” which means “bird.” Ava first rose to popularity as a name for girls when the actress Ava Gardner became famous in the 1940s.

Aiden, which tops the list of popular boys’ names beginning with the letter A in 2017, is the name of the Celtic sun god. The name Aiden means “fiery.” While Aiden began as a boys’ name, it is now widely accepted as a girls’ name as well. Aiden first became popular as a boys’ name in the early 2000s.

Classic names beginning with the letter A that have made a comeback in 2017 include Adelaide, Agatha, and Agnes for girls, and Anthony, Aaron, and Andrew for boys. In 2016, among the top 100 Hispanic baby girl names that began with the letter A were Antonella, Alma, Alejandra, and Aitana. Alejandro, Adrian, Agustin, and Aaron made the top 100 list for Hispanic boy names in 2016.

Parents have been choosing Biblical names for their children for the past few centuries. In any given year, names drawn from the Bible make up a significant portion of the most popular baby names. Popular Biblical names for girls include Ada and Angel. Abraham and Asher are two popular Biblical names for boys.

While it’s common to look to the Bible, other languages, or familial names for inspiration, expectant parents are increasingly turning to non-traditional sources, such as places, brand names, and favorite television shows when deciding what to name their children. This accounts for the recent popularity of names such as Arya, after the Game of Thrones character, and Archer, after the lead in the show Archer.