What are some baby names that start with "A"?


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In 2014, according to BabyCenter, some of the most popular names beginning with the letter A for girls were Ava, Aubrey and Avery, and favored boy's names were Aiden and Alexander. Baby names beginning with the letter A come from classic, ethnic, hipster, pop culture and Biblical sources.

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Classic names that made a comeback include Adelaide, Agatha and Agnes. In 2014, among the top 100 Hispanic baby girl names that begin with the letter A were Antonella, Andrea, Allison and Alejandra. Alejandro and Adrian made the top 100 list for Hispanic boy names. Some Hindi names starting with A are Amala and Ananda for girls, and Ajoy and Amar for boys. Hipster baby girl names include Aspen and Avalon, and hipster boy names are Asher and Atticus.

Parents have been choosing Biblical names for their children for centuries, such as Ada and Angel for their girls and Adam and Aaron for their boys. Abraham is another boy name from the Bible, as are Asher and Andrew. Baby names in line with pop culture include ones from TV shows, pop stars, hip-hop artists and Disney films. Examples for boys are Ali, Addison and Axel, and examples for girls are Anastasia, Ariel and Aurora.

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