How Do You Find Baby Girl Names?

baby-girl-names Credit: Granger Wootz/Blend Images/Getty Images

Parents can find names for baby girls by searching naming idea sites, such as, or by reading books on baby names, such as “The Stork’s Big Book of Baby Names” by Dominique Atkinson and “The Complete Book of the Best Baby Names” by Ellen Warren. Parenting sites, such as and BabyCenter offer online tools and quizzes to help parents choose a name.

Parents can use these resources to learn the meaning and origin of potential baby names and review lists of currently popular names. Site visitors at can search for girls’ names and review lists of celebrity and fictional character names. The site offers message boards for members to discuss and share baby name ideas.

“The Stork’s Big Book of Baby Names” provides advice on methods for selecting baby names and a list of the 10 all-time most popular names. Parents can find tips on how to choose a name based on the look and sound of the name in “The Complete Book of the Best Baby Names.” The book also provides names inspired by celebrities, animals and artists. offers an online quiz to help parents pick a name based on their personalities and lifestyles. Parents can search for names by the origin, meaning, spelling and number of syllables at BabyCenter.