What Are Some Aviation Schools in Florida?

What Are Some Aviation Schools in Florida?

Some aviation schools located in Florida include Maverick Aviation, Clearwater Aviation Academy and Aerosim Flight Academy. Airline Training Professionals is another aviation school located in Florida.

Maverick Aviation is located in Hollywood, Florida, and lets students learn to fly on the Cessna 172. The instructor at this school is certified as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and Airline Transport Pilot. This same instructor works with students throughout their training, all the way up to their certification. There are 365 visual flights rules days to train in.

At Clearwater Aviation Academy, located in Clearwater, Florida, students are taught by a professional pilot. Not only do they learn how to fly planes, but they also learn about different types of aviation careers. It is an accelerated aviation program, teaching students to fly and get certified in nine months or less.

The Aerosim Flight Academy was created by Delta Airlines and includes aviation instruction to help students work for commercial airlines. Getting trained at this school looks good on a resume since it was founded by a commercial airline. Many students get direct placement into airlines following certification.

There are multiple locations in Florida for the Airline Training Professionals school, including one in Daytona Beach. This school has been operating in Florida for more than 20 years, offering multi-engine flight training.