What Is an Average Rate to Charge for Math Tutoring?

average-rate-charge-math-tutoring Credit: Christopher Futcher/E+/Getty Images

The average cost of a math tutor begins at around $25 an hour for home tutoring. Prices may vary according to the individual tutor and level of experience.

High school student tutors may charge $10 to $15 per hour, while a certified teacher’s fees may be as high as $75 an hour. Tutors who are located in larger cities tend to charge more because their cost of living is higher.

Tutoring centers typically offer a list of classes with corresponding rates. For example, websites such as SchoolTutoring.com offer goal-oriented tutor programs for math as well as other subjects. The programs feature in-home tutoring seven days a week. Costs vary depending on the program and school level. High school tutoring is twice a week at $29 per hour. Younger students are tutored on multiple subjects including math, at a fee of $25 per hour. Middle school students are charged $26 per hour.