What Is the Average GMAT Score for an MBA?

The average graduate management admission test, GMAT, score for the incoming fall 2014 master of business administration, MBA, class was 547. This number varied greatly across different universities.

The GMAT features four sections: analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal. The analytical writing section is scored from zero to six points. The integrated reasoning is scored from zero to eight points. Both the quantitative and verbal sections are each worth 800 points. The final GMAT official score is an average of the quantitative and verbal sections.

A score under 600 is considered average and is sufficient for a lower-ranked school such as the University of Illinois in Chicago. A score between 600 and 650 is generally sufficient for a top 50 percent ranked school such as the University of Pittsburgh. A score between 650 and 720 is considered competitive for top 25 percent ranked schools such as the University of Notre Dame. A score above 720 is considered excellent to top-ranked schools such as Yale University.