What Is the Average Age of a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior?

The ages of high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors range from 14-18. In college, ages vary widely because of the large differences in students' starting ages.

The general ages for high school students are:

  • Freshman: 14-15
  • Sophomore: 15-16
  • Junior: 16-17
  • Senior: 17-18

Depending on when students began school, they will start high school as freshmen at the age of 14 or 15. Some states have rules that prevent children from starting kindergarten if their fifth birthday comes after the first day of school. In those cases, children must wait an extra year before beginning school and, therefore, are older when they become freshmen.

In addition, if a child fails a grade in school, both entry into and graduation from high school are pushed back a year or more. Some students could be as old as 19 when they graduate, while more advanced students may start high school at the age of 13.