What Are Some Australian Girl Puppy Names?


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Some Australian girl puppy names are Bailey, Sheila, Zoey, Katie and Molly. Other puppy names owners can give to their dogs include Maggie, Roxy, Daisy, Penny and Sydney.

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Avoid choosing names that sound similar to commands such as sit or stay, as the dog may become confused during the training process. Words that sound similar to reactionary words, such as "girl" and "no" may also cause confusion in the pet. Sometimes a longer name may need to be foreshortened to something manageable during training, otherwise there may be misunderstandings when giving commands and speaking to the dog.

After choosing a name, speak the name as often as possible to the dog for it to become accustomed to the sound. Be sure to use the name often with positive reinforcement, such as when playing with the dog or introducing it to a new command or trick. Avoid using the name during times of anger or disappointment. Adopted dogs who had other names before may be more tricky to acclimate to a new name, and sometimes a name that sounds similar may help the transition. Before using the new name, however, wait until the dog is comfortable in the home environment and ready to begin learning.

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