How Does an Audio Website That Pronounces Names Work?

Name-pronouncing websites such as and work by allowing users to enter a particular name on the search box and clicking the search button. Then, the sites display results with accompanying playable audio. Users should click the play button to hear the correct pronunciation of the name. also lets users search for names by letter or category by selecting the Pronunciations tab on the upper-right side of the page. Search results provide a selection of related names under varying categories, giving users a good selection of audio pronunciations to try. Categories include African, American, Arabic and Armenian names among others. features phonetic and audio pronunciations of names, places and other words. The site also displays the origin of certain names. The site is helpful for English and non-native speakers, as the phonetic pronunciations do not have special characters and are thus easy to read. provides audio pronunciations in an American English accent instead of imitating the original language of the names or places. The site verifies and cross-references pronunciations for general and specific names using different sources. Users may click Pronunciation Guides located in the topmost menu to access a directory of pronunciation guides in categories such as sports, arts and literature, geography and science. Clicking Browse Names allows users to search for name pronunciations alphabetically or by tag.