Does Attending an Online Elementary School Qualify As Home Schooling?


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A child who is attending online elementary school is not considered to be home schooled. The parents or guardians of a child who is home schooled are in control of the curriculum that the child learns, and the bulk of the schooling is not comprised of virtual classes.

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Home schooling entails a child learning outside of the public and private school systems. Online virtual school programs offered by public school independent-study programs or charter schools is considered a form of public education. Parents who enroll their children in online virtual school programs do not have complete control over the curriculum and must adhere to all of the program's policies and procedures, which also restrict the use of religious material. Faith-based curriculum is not allowed by virtual charter and public school programs because theses programs are funded using tax dollars.

Virtual public school classes offered online are more flexible versions of public schooling for students with learning disabilities and parents who desire more flexible scheduling options, according to the Florida Virtual School.

However, online classes provided by businesses and organizations not affiliated with a public school system can be used to fill in educational gaps in a parent's home schooling curriculum.

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