How Do You Attend Gaston College Online?


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Attend the online classes offered by Gaston College either through virtual classrooms or the hybrid system. Virtual classrooms are Internet courses where students communicate, receive lessons and complete assignments online. Students enrolled under the hybrid system meet both online and on-site as scheduled.

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Online application for Gaston College classes is free. After deciding which program to take, register for the classes that suit your schedule. Academic advisors are available to assist you with course registration and academic support. You must have access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. You should also possess good communication and computer skills, be self-motivated and ready to work independently.

Students have the flexibility to study and take exams at their preferred times. Tutors provide the study material online through well designed platforms. You can chat, video chat or communicate through discussion boards. Students can either initiate these chats with tutors or among themselves.

Lecturers are supportive and provide timely answers to any questions. You can arrange to meet with them at the school if you need extra help. Although you are not required to go to the campus for studies, some courses may require labs and proctored tests only available at the institution.

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