What does ASVAB stand for?


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ASVAB, in a military context, stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, an apropos name because it's literally a battery of aptitude tests. Potential armed forces recruits can take one of three versions of it.

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CAT-ASVAB stands for Computer Adaptive Testing ASVAB. It's adaptive in that the questions are based on how potential enlistees answer. If they answer correctly, the next question automatically gets harder, but an incorrect answer yields an easier follow-up question.

The MET-site ASVAB is designed for potential enlistees who want to take the test at a designated Mobile Examination Test site, rather than at a Military Entrance Processing Station, which is the customary location.

The Student ASVAB is aimed at high school and college students. Unlike the other versions, this test is for exploratory purposes only, just for them to see what careers they might want to pursue.

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