How Do You Take an ASE Certification Pretest?

How Do You Take an ASE Certification Pretest?

Automotive Service Excellence certification pretests are taken online, through the official ASE practice test portal. Anyone wishing to take a pretest must first purchase a voucher from the ASE.

Each pretest contains half the number of questions used on the real exam, according to the ASE's website. The format and content closely approximates those of the actual test. Students receive a performance report after completing the pretest, providing an explanation of both the correct and incorrect answers. There is only one pretest for each applicable course, so there is no benefit in taking the pretest a second time.

Vouchers for pretests are available individually or can be purchased in volume at discounted pricing. Each voucher must be used within 60 days of purchase. Pretests are not necessarily available for all courses.

The ASE's Test Prep and Training page provides additional resources to help students prepare for exams. These include test-taking tips and detailed study guides for each course. Click the link on the Test Prep page to view and download the study guide for a given course, or to order hardcopy guides through the mail. Each guide provides an explanation of the exam's structure and content.

There is also a CBT Test Drive link for those not entirely comfortable with computer-based training. The Test Drive simulates the look and feel of an ASE exam, using questions drawn from across the ASE's range of courses.