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Ascend Math is a form of online math instruction that provides individualized assistance to students. It accomplishes this by providing interactive instruction and teaching delivery methods that are designed to be highly engaging and thus, highly effective.

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The core of Ascend Math is based on creating individualized lesson plans that are designed to address a student’s greatest weaknesses. This is accomplished by first having a student take the Ascend Math entry examination. This examination registers a student’s responses and becomes harder, or easier, depending on how a student is performing.

Once a student’s math level has been assessed, the student’s core weaknesses are determined. Afterward, a student must log into Ascend Math’s online program on a daily basis. Each day, he receives new lessons and assignments designed to increase his proficiency in an area of math he is weak in specifically. The system is flexible and allows a student to leave off in the middle of a work program if he has something needing immediate attention. The student can later resume the lesson from the point he left.

Once he has completed the tasks he has been given, the student is given a post-assessment examination. If he scores sufficiently well, the student graduates from the lesson and moves onto increasingly difficult math materials.

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