What Are Some Art Projects for Teachers to Assign?


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Some art projects teachers can assign include body collages and kite building. Materials for body collages include large paper bags, pencils, crayons, magazines, fabric, glue and scissors. Materials for kite building include plastic trash bags, two wooden dowels or straight sticks, scissors, string, rulers, clear tape and ribbons.

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What Are Some Art Projects for Teachers to Assign?
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To make the body collage, first cut open two large paper bags and tape them together until the size is slightly bigger than your body. Lay down on the paper and have someone trace an outline around your body. Next, cut out the body with scissors and draw on facial features and clothing.

To build a kite, first cut the trash bag open to form a flat sheet. Make a mark six inches down the long stick and place the short stick perpendicular to it, creating a "t" shape. Lay the sticks on the plastic bag, and cut a diamond shape into the bag with each corner of the diamond corresponding to the four corners of the "t" shape. Fold the plastic diamond over the "t" and tape it down.

Next, to make the kite string, cut a 20-inch piece of string. Cut a hole in the top and bottom of the kite and feed the string through the holes, knotting at both ends. Tie the rest of the string to the center of the kite to create the holding line. Complete the project by decorating the kite and adding the ribbons to the tail.

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