What Are Some Art Activities for Children?


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Art activities for children range from painting, such as spin art, to printmaking, collage, sculpture and watercolors. Children can also use art techniques to make art materials, including puffy paint, air dry clay and dyed pasta beads.

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To make spin art, place a paper plate inside a salad spinner. Use a spoon or paintbrush to add drops of tempura paint to the paper plate. Close the salad spinner, and spin it for several seconds. The longer it spins, the more intricate the designs become. Hang the plate by string to make an artistic mobile.

To make a lighted cardboard dollhouse, cut a dollhouse shape out of a cardboard box by removing two of the flaps, adhering them to the other two flaps and then forming a gabled roof. Use an Exacto knife to cut out windows and a door. Decorate the house with felt, colorful paper, sequins, tissue paper or any other available artistic materials. Place miniature light bulbs inside the house to create a festive appearance.

To make a papier mache animal mask, create a paste with half glue and half water. Inflate a balloon, and cover it with at least two layers of strips of newspaper dipped in the paste. After drying, use an Exacto knife to cut the balloon in half. Use masking tape and newspaper to cover one half of the balloon. Paint with a base color, dry and then add details.

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