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An AZ quiz is an Accelerated Reader quiz created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. The purpose of the Accelerated Reader quiz is to determine students' reading levels, to evaluate whether students have read a particular book and to suggest age-appropriate book titles for students.

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The Accelerated Reader quiz is used as a tool for holding students accountable for the time they spend reading. The quiz consists of four quizzes, literacy skills, vocabulary, reading and textbook quizzes. Accelerated Reader quizzes are mostly given in the form of reading practice quizzes though they can also be curriculum-based on several subjects. The quizzes are available in textbooks, fiction and non-fiction, supplemental materials and magazines.

Accelerated Reader quizzes are designed to assess students' daily progress by measuring the level of difficulty they are reading, how much reading they are doing and how well they read. Most of the quizzes are multiple choice, and they are available in voice-recorded mode and in both English and Spanish. After the completion of each quiz, a student report is generated, and based on several factors, the report identifies students in need of assistance.

The Accelerated Reader reports help students, parents and teachers monitor student progress. Teachers are able to access the reports and can track class and individual progress via the Renaissance Place Dashboard. In addition, parents are able to monitor their children's progress via free Renaissance HomeConnect reports.

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