How Do You Find AR Book Quizzes?

Accelerated Reader quizzes are only available at to users who have purchased a membership. Unfortunately, as of June 1, 2015, new quizzes are no longer available online. However, users may place orders for the quizzes by mail, fax or phone.

Although does not allow users to create new accounts, users with an existing account still have access to the Accelerated Reader quiz database, which contains all of its old quizzes.

Members can also grant their students access to quizzes on-the-go. ITunes supports an application on which users can sign into their Renaissance accounts. This grants the user of a personal or school-issued iPod Touch or iPad access to the quiz database. Current customers are also able to access an online database for information about the program, including a full list of the books that the website supports, and the books for which the website has written quizzes.

Although new users cannot gain online membership, sample quizzes are still available at, allowing potential future customers to experience the quizzing process. To become members, there is a form that users can print from the Renaissance online store, which they can then fill out and send, either by mail or by fax. Alternately, prospective customers can call the Renaissance customer support line.