What Are Some Appropriate Birthday Quotes for People Age 65 and Over?


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Some appropriate birthday quotes for people age 65 and over are, "Age is like wine – It gets better with time" and that, even though things change with time, one thing that doesn't change is "the special bond we share." Additional appropriate birthday quotes for people age 65 and over include Jean Renoir's quote that being old means having many people to love and Sophia Loren's quote that a person's mind is a fountain of youth.

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The saying that compares age to wine goes on to say that wine makes aging better. The quote also wishes that the person celebrating her birthday enjoys the special day. Another quote says that the bond between two people never changes, despite the passage of time. The bond between the two people brings closeness, even though distance separates the two people. The quote wishes the celebrant a happy birthday.

Similarly, Renoir's quote says that there is an advantage to being old. That advantage is that the older person has many other people in her life to love. Loren adds that a person's creative abilities and her talents act as her fountain of youth, even though the person grows old. A person brings these talents to the other people that she loves. Loren adds that a person defeats aging when she learns "to tap this source."

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