How Do You Apply to the Tampa Technical Institute?

How Do You Apply to the Tampa Technical Institute?

To apply to the Tampa branch of Remington College, formerly the Tampa Technical Institute, go to the Remington College website's admissions section. Go to the Applications link on the left-hand column to see the admissions process, which includes scheduling a tour, choosing a program and filling out an application.

The first step of the admissions process is to schedule a campus tour. Let the college know if you wish to attend the Tampa branch so that they place you with an Admissions Representative from that campus. You can also talk to the Admissions Representative about your degree options and the application process.

The next step is to complete the application and an enrollment agreement, as well as a criminal background check, where applicable. The college requires you to provide your high school diploma or GED credentials, and some of the bachelor programs require additional coursework at the associate level.

Depending on your educational background you may also have to take a standardized entrance test, which can be arranged with your Admissions Representative. The college also provides you with financial aid options and financial aid applications and credit applications to apply.

The Tampa campus may have additional entrance requirements, depending on the program. You can contact the campus for program admission specifics.